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Professor Po-Tsun Liu’s Team at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Publishes Cutting-Edge Research on Heterogeneous Semiconductor Integration for Three-Dimensional Monolithic Complementary Field-Effect Transistors (CFETs) in 《Advanced Science》”

As Moore’s Law keeps advancing, the size of transistors is approaching the physical limit of miniaturization. Transistor structures have been evolving from traditional two-dimensional planar structures to three-dimensional device structures, such as Fin and Gate-All-Around FETs. In addition, the technology generation beyond Moore’s law has entered the era of integrating different functions, types, and even […]

17 EU Member States Sign a Joint Declaration for Semiconductor Development

At the end of 2020, 17 EU member states signed a joint declaration: Declaration:A European Initiative on Processors and semiconductor technologies. Through the declaration, these member states announce the investment of a total amount of 1,450-billion euros in the development of semiconductor industry in next 2-3 years, aiming reducing EU countries’ dependence on other areas. […]